Dealing with special children’s is not easy whether it is your son, daughter, brother or sister. Dealing with this is such a worst things for others, but for some it makes them complete from what kind of happiness they brought to them. A case of a mother with late bloomer child which is difficult for him to tolerate her 9 year old special child. It seems too difficult for her to tolerate her child in making things better. She is also sending her child to the SPED education program but something’s not change, words repetition , counting numbers identifying shapes and colors are seems he did not learn from school. But when the child’s seen his sister playing games provided by girls games he seems to interact and wants to play with it.


Meanwhile, when his sisters continue playing with this game, he insisted to play it too. We found out that he really wants play eve if he doesn’t know the instructions of the games he try his best to know. Even just it is a game for girls; Christian wants to play with the games at Girls games. He enjoys playing games with Dora and Diego which he is try to sing with what’s Dora’s singing. He seems also to identify other features in the games, and trying to count numbers even if he could not say it clearly. We found him later he just only stay sitting like those of no problem child enjoying to play.

After the days passed by his mother let him play with girl’s games, which his mother is happy seeing his child nature of interest of the things around him to explore, even at those stage of his child. Before his child are always make her anger, throw her any kinds of materials he holds on, he threw it to anyone. She even doesn’t let her special child to associate with others; now the child seems to be socialized with their boarders through the wonderful games for girls ever made by of